Software, electronics and automation for developments and manufacturing of technological systems supporting science.


We simplify complex technologies by designing, developing and manufacturing innovative low-cost devices.

We provide management, analytical and diagnostic technologies to a non-specialized and ever-broader user base.

We design and develop intelligent and connected electronic devices, able to communicate with each other and with other hardware and software systems.

Our solutions are designed to work with the most modern IoT (Internet of Things) architectures.

> Engineering and prototyping

Our laboratories are equipped for rapid prototyping of electronic, optical and micro-mechanical systems via soldering station, 3D printer, milling and optical bench.

/ Data banks

We design and develop databases for the management of various types of data banks in the scientific, health and agri-food sectors: biodiversity portals, germplasm databases, supply chain, tracking systems and generic certification.

/ Web hosting services

Domain naming, developing and publishing thematic and project-oriented websites, personalized hosting services and positioning of the web pages.

> Manufacturing

We manufacture accurate diagnostic devices, developed by our research and development group, for medical, plant pathology, veterinary, wine, agriculture and food sectors.

/ Software engineering

We cover each phase of software engineering, from the idea to the deployment of a software system: analysis, requirements, design, development, testing, release, maintenance and upgrades.

> Design

The design of electronic, optical, optoelectronic and precision mechanical systems is one of our main activities, thanks to the eclectic skills of the working group and the experience gained in more than a decade.

/ APIs

Our APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allows interactions between heterogeneous and remote software and hardware systems.


In partnership with Bionat Italia and Enbiotech, we designed and developed a new device for in-situ molecular diagnostic, using LAMP technology.

Characterized by simplicity, economy, speed and the possibility of being used outside the traditional molecular biology laboratories, the system is produced entirely by us and distributed under the commercial name of icgene.

LAMP technology allows rapid amplification of DNA at constant temperature using small quantities of sample and room temperature reagents.

Thanks to its characteristics it allows to perform genetic test directly on site and without the use of sophisticated laboratory instruments, nor specialized personnel.

device features

  • Compact instrument with a modern and innovative design
  • User interface through a custom Android App
  • End user identification via personal badge
  • Automatic detection of the kit through RFID contactless badge
  • Guided performing of the 3 steps necessary for genetic testing:
    • nucleic acid extraction,
    • gene amplification and detection
    • and interpretation of results
  • Automatic interpretation of results
  • Integrated experiments browser
  • Secure synchronization over remote server

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